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Version: v4


Execution Processors

Processor plugins are called when an execution response has been received. They are passed the resulting execution data and configuration parameters, this plugins can perform a variety of operations with the execution and it's very flexible and per Job, examples of operations this plugins can do:

  • Execution output storage, forwarding or redirection.
  • Notification
  • Monitoring

For example, Processor plugins can be used to redirect the output of a job execution to different targets.

Currently Dkron provides you with some built-in plugins but the list keeps growing. Some of the features previously implemented in the application will be progessively moved to plugins.

Built-in processors

Dkron provides the following built-in processors:

  1. not specified - Store the output in the key value store (Slow performance, good for testing, default method)
  2. log - Output the execution log to Dkron stdout (Good performance, needs parsing)
  3. syslog - Output to the syslog (Good performance, needs parsing)
  4. files - Output to multiple files (Good performance, needs parsing)

Dkro Pro provides you with several more processors.

All plugins accepts one configuration option: forward Indicated if the plugin must forward the original execution output. This allows for chaining plugins and sending output to different targets at the same time.