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Version: v2

Upgrade from v1 to v2

Dkron v2 brings lots of changes to the previous version. To successfully upgrade from v1 to v2 you need to take care of certain steps.


Dkron v2 brings native storage, no external storage engine is needed. This change can be shocking for existing users and should be carefully planned to consider Dkron as a stateful service in contrast of a stateless service as in v1.

You must plan a backup strategy for the data directories, you can configure it using the --data-dir parameter, by default ./

This will ensure that you can recover cluster data in case of an unexpected failure.

Migrating Jobs

To migrate jobs from v1 to v2, export jobs from the v1 cluster and import them into v2.

A basic script to do that can be found here

You can take the opportunity to update your job definitions as explained in the following section:

Change job name

In v2 dkron doesn't accept jobs with invalid naming, adapt your scripts or api calls if necessary to set the job name with valid characters.

Changing tags and metadata

Tags behave different in dkron 2. There are several dkron tags that changed names and have become reserved. The reserved tags are:

  • dc
  • region
  • role
  • version
  • server
  • bootstrap
  • expect
  • rpc_addr
  • port

You can not set these tags with the tags param. Tags region and dc can be set using the region and datacenter params, respectively.

In Dkron 2, the job filtering API now filters on the metadata instead of the tags field. Jobs have a new param metadata that can be used to set any data to classify jobs. These can then be used to filter results returned by the API.