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Version: v1

Quick start

Getting started

Dkron Pro provides a clustering backend store out of the box based on etcd.

To configure the storage a sample etcd.conf.yaml file is provided in /etc/dkron path. Editing the file, allows to configure several options for the embedded store.

The location of the store configuration can be set in the command line or in the dkron config file /etc/dkron/dkron.yml using etcd-config-file-path parameter.

Starting a single node

Works out of the box, good for non HA installations.

  • System service: If no changes are done to the default config files, dkron will start as a service in single mode.
  • Command line: Running a single node with default config can be done by running: dkron agent --server

Check your server is working: curl localhost:8080/v1

Simple as that, now it is time to add some jobs:

curl localhost:8080/v1/jobs -XPOST -d '{
"name": "job1",
"schedule": "@every 10s",
"timezone": "Europe/Berlin",
"owner": "Platform Team",
"owner_email": "[email protected]",
"disabled": false,
"tags": {
"dkron_server": "true"
"concurrency": "allow",
"executor": "shell",
"executor_config": {
"command": "date"