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· 2 min read

Introducing Dkron v4.0.0-beta1

We are excited to announce the release of Dkron v4.0.0-beta1, which comes with major improvements and better performance. If you are using Dkron for distributed cron jobs, now is the perfect time to give the beta a try!

Stay tunned to upcoming beta releases here

New Features

Run Dkron as a Single Binary

The new release includes the ability to run Dkron as a single binary, as it embeds the shell plugin. This makes it even easier and faster to get started with Dkron for simple cron job management, especially for those who only need to run shell jobs.

Docker Light Image

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new Docker light image for Dkron v4.0.0-beta1. This image contains only the main Dkron binary with the built-in shell plugin and no other plugins, all in a single file. If you're looking for a lean and efficient way to run Dkron, this is it! You can find the image on Docker Hub.

Reporting Issues

As this is a beta release, we encourage users to report any issues they encounter to help us make the final release even better. Your feedback is essential in ensuring that the final release meets your expectations.


The release includes a substantial list of changes, including the bumping of various dependencies, clean up in CI, handling of IP changes, removal of the old UI, and many more improvements and fixes. You can view the full changelog here.

We are looking forward to your feedback on this beta release, and we hope that Dkron v4.0 Beta will bring added value and convenience to your cron job management.

Happy scheduling! 🚀🎉

· 3 min read

New website

Our brand new web site designed and implemented by, comes with a brand new look, better content structure, better documentation a new blog section and the new API navigator.

This marks the start of a new and better product design, more focused on the UX, easy of use and more documentation for Dkron.

We hope you like it as much as we do. ❤️

New features

Cronitor integration

Our goal is to provide a very reliable way of running your cron jobs, we share that vision with the people behind Cronitor. Dkron is very reliable but sometimes a very bad event can bring your cluster down to its knees. To provide multiple options to monitor Dkron, I'm happy to introduce a new way to monitor your job executions using Cronitor service.

Cronitor is tightly integrated with Dkron, it will notify the details of every execution and Cronitor can offer multiple channels for alerting you in case something goes wrong.

Check the service and follow the integration guide in the docs to set up your Dkron-Cronitor integration.


We have migrated API docs from Swagger 2 spec to OpenAPI 3 format. Check the new and better API docs and you can download the new OpenAPI spec too.

Upcoming features

The new look of Dkron will pave the road for the upcoming v4 release. We have really interesting features almost ready for the new version, some of them are:

  • Bump React Admin to v4.0
  • Shell plugin will be included in the main binary
  • New light image including only the main binary
  • Optionally use fast-store instead of boltdb for Raft log, this will improve performance tenfold
  • Farewell to the old UI

We think this will open Dkron to be used for new use cases that where not possible before.


We are very happy of giving Dkron a well deserved new face to the world and also to keep integrating with new services we love to be able to offer the best product we can for this specific -and niche- market.

We think there's a gap in Job schedulers for the rest-of-us that is currently improving, but still very needed of cost-effective and easy to operate solutions like Dkron for small-mid start-ups and for specific needs in bigger companies.

We're always open to our users feedback so feel free to contact us if you have any suggestion.

· One min read

I'm thrilled to announce that Dkron/Pro v3.0 is here!

This release brings a big internal refactor in the job execution engine, incorporating breaking changes but ensuring no more missing executions.

What's new

Job execution engine

Refactored the job execution engine for proper synchronization of executions, no more missing executions under normal conditions, and if there is one, Dkron will report the issue clearly in the logs.

New node targeting algorithm, transparent for the user.

UI Improvements

Change the notification JS code to a pop-up like system that provides better comfort in using the UI, previously causing some weird effects on certain job operations like Run, Toggle, and Delete.


This update brings no public API changes, and no changes in storage format so your upgrade path should be easy if you follow the rolling upgrade notes.

Download and install from here

Thank you to all my Dkron Pro customers for ensuring the long-term support and maintenance of Dkron. Support OSS software and your infrastructure vendors so we can support you!